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The story of how Canadians 'met' the Beatles a full year before their neighbors to the south did!

It's hard to think of much in common between The Beatles and Canada; not because there is no commonality, but because the story of The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in early 1964 tends to overshadow other narratives, making them partially hidden from view.

Mary-Lu Zahalan challenges the Beatles reader to reconsider what they think they know, and offers a little-considered fact - that Canadians and ex-pat Brits 'broke' The Beatles on the North American continent.

Professor Zahalan researched The Beatles' success in Canada - from the origins of Capitol Canada, to the assembly of a team who recognized the group's appeal at the same time   Capitol US was rejecting 'She Loves You' with the fatal pronouncement: 'That sound just won't sell in America.'


The Beatles in Canada

Mary-Lu Zahalan


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