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​The Beatle Works Ltd. is a unique publishing house recognizing the need for thoughtful and thought-provoking scholarly research and writing on the impact of The Beatles on music, culture and society.



Founded by faculty and graduates of the world's first master's degree program concentrating on The Beatles, begun at Liverpool Hope University in 2009, The Beatle Works Ltd. draws from exciting new research and writing coming out of the program, as well as that of popular music and culture scholars, historians and authors.


In addition to setting high standards of rigorous original research, excellence in authorship and consistent quality in publishing, The Beatle Works Ltd. has established for itself an ambitious program beginning with the publication of The Beatles Bibliography: A New Guide to the Literature in August 2012. The most comprehensive collection of its kind, it is only the first of several upcoming titles that explore the range and scope of the group's music and influence. The 'Bib' was followed by the First Supplement in late 2013 adding to the massive number of books, articles, special editions and commemorative issues covered in 'The Bib.'
After a year-long COVID delay, The Beatles Bibliography: The Next Edition (2014-2021) is scheduled for publication – both in digital and soft copy print editions – for early 2022.
This volume will cover the period since the 'Supplement' with the same attention to bibliographic citations, but will have an exciting and important new development to make it even more useful – and interesting – to its readers and users.
Annotations will be provided by a group of highly regarded authorities writing within their field of Beatle expertise. Scholars, published authors, respected commentators and collectors will assess books about the fields they know best.
Here, researchers and writers, students and teachers, and original generation fans as well as new ones will find the informed considerations and comparisons of Beatle-related materials available anywhere for their needs.

The Beatle Works Ltd. is headquartered in Manitou Springs, Colorado at the base of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains, with distribution also from the United Kingdom.
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