​The Beatle Works Ltd. is a unique publishing house recognizing the need for thoughtful and thought-provoking scholarly research and writing on the impact of The Beatles on music, culture and society.

Founded by graduates of the world's first master's degree program concentrating on The Beatles, begun at Liverpool Hope University in 2009 and now in its fourth year, The Beatle Works Ltd. draws from exciting new research and writing coming out of the program, as well as that of popular music and culture scholars, historians and authors.

In addition to setting high standards of rigorous original research, excellence in authorship and consistent quality in publishing, The Beatle Works Ltd. has established for itself an ambitious program beginning with the publication of The Beatles Bibliography: A New Guide to the Literature in August 2012. The most comprehensive collection of its kind, it is only the first of several upcoming titles that explore the range and scope of the group's music and influence.  

First Beatles Masters, a compilation of research papers by graduate students in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Beatles MA at 'Hope' presents examinations of topics in subject areas as diverse as musical and contextual 

analyses, criminology, history, psychology, technology and media. 'The Comp', edited by Brocken and Davis (authors of The Beatles Bibliography) will be available Christmas 2012. Following on will be publications on the study of the group as it becomes the subject of serious scholarly research and writing, especially as the 50th anniversaries of significant milestones in the Beatles' career are observed and discussed. 

The Beatle Works Ltd. is headquartered in Manitou Springs, Colorado, with distribution also in the United Kingdom.