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The books about the books about
The Beatles...
now available in ebook format!


New Guides to the Literature

Volume I (2012) & Volume II (2014)

Just in time for the 60th anniversary...


The reviewers said the original texts were comprehensive... useful... informative... insightful... funny and occasionally exasperating...

but let's face it – they were BIG. And HEAVY. Old school.

And out-of-print.


 So... with great fanfare, The Beatle Works has entered the 21st Century and presents the first two original volumes of 'The Bib' in ebook format!


The original volumes with thousands of books, articles, special issue magazines, and songbooks –

annotated and cross-referenced.


Essential for writers, lecturers, teachers and students, and medialibraries, and, of course... fans


The Beatles Bibliographies:
New Guides to the Literature
Volume 1 (2012)
Volume II (2014

Dr. Michael Brocken
Melissa Davis

~ Books

~ Newspaper, magazine articles

~ Academic journal articles

~ Special editions and commemorative issues

~ Songbooks

~ The Beatle Era and Solo Careers

beatles bibliography

beatles bibliography brocken

beatles bibliographies

beatles bibliographies davis

Praise for 'The Bib'

"The very definition of exhaustive. Well-written...

a staggering amount of research."

Record Collector Magazine

"A must own. FOUR STARS”

            GOLDMINE Magazine

"Superb. Vibrant and compelling."

Spencer Leigh

"Congratulations to Brocken and Davis for a masterpiece of research."

 Larry Kane, the only American journalist to accompany the Beatles 

on their North American tours, author, 

A Ticket to Ride: Inside the Beatles' 1964 Tour That Changed the World

Available at all the usual places – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Book Baby.

Originally $80 for both print volumes, now available together in a single ebook


The Beatles checking  out 'The Bib'!

We are heartbroken by the loss of our friend, Mary-Lu Zahalan, who was the first to earn a Master's degree from the first graduate program focusing on the musical and cultural impact of The Beatles – and she did it with Honors!
Her outstanding dissertation focused on the story of how The Beatles 'broke' in Canada first – before their more well-known debut on The Ed Sullivan Show on
9 February 1964.
It is a 'hidden history' that deserves to be told for a thorough understanding and context of the extraordinary months that took the group from national recognition in Britain to the international stage.

Cultural Capital: The Beatles in Canada

                                                      by Mary-Lu Zahalan

Available in limited supply from Canada only

$15 USD

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