​​The Beatles Bibliography:

The Next Edition 2014-2021

~ Books

~ Newspaper, magazine articles

~ Special editions and commemorative issues

~ Biographies and histories

~ Beatlemania and solo careers

~ Lyrics and music

~ Films, appearances and tours

~ Photography collections 

~ Graphic novels, fiction and children's literature

~ Reference books and price guides

~ Collectors' editions

~  Annotated by renown Beatle authors and scholars

within a wide variety of fields of expertise

The Beatles Bibliography:
A New Guide to the Literature
Dr. Michael Brocken 
Melissa Davis

"The very definition of exhaustive... well-written... a staggering amount of research.

A must-own."

Record Collector Magazine

"An indispensible research tool to guide readers through the thousands of articles, books and journals available worldwide.”

Ron Ellis

Merseybeat Historian

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