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​We've been interviewed on some of the most prominent Beatle-related programs – which you probably tune into all the time – here are a few you might find of interest.

Be sure to visit these excellent sources of Beatle news.

Click Liverpool, by Phillip Coppell

Clickliverpool is part of a national syndication of websites featuring articles  on Culture, Sport and local events – like an old style newspaper but online. Phil Coppell holds a prestigious Blue Badge Guide for the British Tourist Authority, a Beatle expert and founder of FAB Tours of Liverpool, now in its second decade.  A former photojournalist, he has written extensively for magazines, as well as teaching photography at John Lennon's alma mater, the Liverpool College of Art. 

Dennis Mitchell's

Breakfast With The Beatles

Dennis Mitchell started a career in broadcasting by co-hosting his high school’s weekly radio Top Ten countdown Saturday morning show, then moving into full-time radio in 1981 – and he hasn’t looked back since. There were dozens of "Breakfast With The Beatles" shows on FM stations across the US, but in 1991 Dennis became the first live host of a BTWB show to feature extensive research – digging deep for interesting facts, rare recordings and interview clips. As the program's credibility grew, Dennis brought listeners interviews with Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Pete Best, Geoff Emerick, George and Giles Martin, BBC legend Brian Matthew and many others. In 2010, the program expanded to a 2-hour format and in 1999, to the internet. BTWB is a one-stop Beatles information resource for listeners around the world with affiliates in Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Raleigh, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand. The recipient of many awards, Dennis Mitchell was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2004, but a stand-out statistic for us is that he has done more than 1,050 consecutive shows without ever running a repeat!

Every Little Thing, Hosted by Ken Michaels          

"Every Little Thing" hosted by Ken Michaels features the complete Beatles catalog of group and solo-recordings, along with side projects, cover versions, tribute songs, rarities and music from family members. Every show also includes the latest in Beatles news, plus trivia and a wide variety of Beatles games with prizes to go with them, interviews and unique thematic sets. The program started in 1982 on a college radio station; Ken chose the name "Every Little Thing," not only for the song, but because every song and every aspect of the Beatles music and history is covered on the show. It is currently heard as a live broadcast and as an hour-long syndicated show on 18 stations around the US and can also be streamed at:

Steve Marinucci is a former newspaper writer and editor now covering the Beatles news scene on the online source, and his newsman's instincts have created the most reliable Beatle site online. Fans, collectors and scholars find BEATLESEXAMINER in their inbox daily knowing they will find the most accurate information on Beatle books, music movies, new releases, auctions and on-scene concert reviews and photos – well before any other source has the news.

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