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"... excellent and exhaustive. Invaluable."  FOUR STARS


Dr. Ian Inglis

Visiting Fellow

Northumbria University

“The Beatles Bibliography: A New Guide to the LIterature is a long overdue and welcome guide to the flourishing – sometimes overwhelming – body of literature that continues to surround the Beatles. Students and scholars of the group and its music will benefit hugely from the completion of Brocken and Davis’s comprehensive project to present a logical and coherent catalogue of relevant texts. The annotations are objective and informative, the cross-references helpful, and the bibliography itself easy to use. As the fifty-year anniversary of the group's international emergence approaches, the Beatles exist not only as a musical phenomenon but as a key historical event in the narrative of the twentieth century. The Beatles Bibliography: A New Guide to the Literature will allow contemporary scholars and future historians to approach that landscape with confidence."

Ron Ellis

Merseybeat Historian

“The Beatles were the catalyst to the social revolution of the 1960’s and, as such, will be studied for generations to come as Shakespeare and the Brontes are today. This book by Michael Brocken and Melissa Davis is the signpost that every student, or indeed fan, of the group and Merseybeat has been waiting for. It will guide them around the minefield of information that is available, all of which has been evaluated by the authors. With regular supplements promised to keep abreast of the latest publications, The Beatles Bibliography: A New Guide to the Literature will be an indispensible research tool to guide readers through the thousands of articles, books and journals available worldwide.”


American Library Association

Rebecca Vnuk

Editor, Reference and Collections Management

"This annotated bibliography lists publication information about books, newspaper and magazine articles, and academic papers written about the Beatles. The lengthy and informative introduction explains the genesis of the book—the authors are part of the first graduate-level degree program concentrating on the musical and social impact of the band (offered at Liverpool Hope University). Nearly 3,000 entries are accompanied by a bibliography of websites and a listing of Beatles songbooks. Music libraries and libraries with hard-core Beatles fans will want to consider this unique work."

Elizabeth Thomson


The Lennon Companion

"A real labour of love and a monumental piece of research. When we were working on The Lennon Companion nearly thirty years ago, discovery (as it is now called) was an arduous task, involving innumerable libraries and even more innumerable indecis, and 'technology' - The Times on microfiche for example - that's gone with the ark. Brocken and Davis have painstakingly created an invaluable resource that will satisfy the needs of academics, fans and collectors alike as we reach the first of all those fiftieth-anniversary Beatle milestones."

Joe Flannery

Liverpool Ambassador

"There is so much rumour and conjecture about the Beatles, now, the whole affair seems to me to be turning into a legend – in some cases I don't recognise myself anymore! This annotated bibliography will show how legends develop and hopefully will introduce the researcher to the methods we need to bring back history."

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