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The Beatles Bibliography:
A New Guide to the Literature
Michael Brocken and Melissa Davis

The Beatles were no ordinary group, so it's easy to understand that this is no ordinary bibliography.

Honest, fresh, original  and challenging. Full of Liverpool wit – this is the most comprehensive bibliography of literature about the Beatles ever assembled.
~ Nearly 3,000 entries – books, articles, journals
~ Hundreds of authors from 40+ countries in 20 languages
~ Annotated by Beatles scholars Dr. Mike Brocken and Melissa Davis
~ Cross-reference
Separate songbook section
~ Webography
~ Annual supplement available September 2013
More than 200 NEW entries
Updated Webography
'Cunard Yanks' – Mike Brocken's reassessment of the legend
An essential tool for researchers, students, writers and fans – anyone wanting access to the millions of words written about the Beatles, their music and their impact on popular culture.
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